People in light

The objective of this exercise was to take a series of photographs of the same person in different kinds of light over several days. The final selection of photographs were to be presented in a grid.

For this exercise I drafted in my partner because I knew that I’d have more opportunities to take her photograph on a number of occasions.

While completing this exercise I decided to make use of the Lensbaby 3G lens I’ve just bought. The lens is designed to have a sweet spot that you use for the main subject of the photograph, it is then possible to soften the focus in the remainder of the image in-camera with no need to apply similar effects during post-processing.

The photographs were taken over a period of about four days with some being taken indoors while others were taken outside. The outdoor shots utilised both days with cloud cover as well as bright sunshine. The indoor shots were taken using normal house lighting, flourescent lighting in a restaurant and also indoors with sunlight backlighting the subject.

The final selection of nine images and the contact sheets are shown below.


Selected Photos-1Selected Photos-2Selected Photos-3Selected Photos-4Selected Photos-5