Documenting Change

“Everything changes, weathers, grows or otherwise shows signs of transformation.”

The brief for this exercise was to make a sequence of photographs that shows the same subject, but in different states.

Any subject can be chosen but it needs to be clearly identified and the conditions of change that are to be shown need to be noted.

The end result of the exercise is to produce at least three images in the sequence that show the subjects different states and communicates the changes you’ve identified.

This exercise came up just a few days and weeks to late for me to make full use of some changes that were going on near where I live. There has been a lot of roadworks going on recently which has resulted in some major amounts of change.

One of the changes was the removal of a large amount of trees and grass opposite the entrance to a local superstore. By the time I reached this exercise all of the trees and grass had been removed. However, the intention is for further work to be done and so even missing the start of the changes documenting the rest of the work is entirely possible.

Another major change that was going on was the addition of traffic lights at a roundabout near to where I work. The work has caused a lot of problems because of narrowed lanes reducing the flow of traffic. Again the work had already started by the time this exercise came up but documenting the rest of the changes was again possible.

The final thing that I’m considering for this exercise is to photograph one of the trees outside the church I attend. Last year I took some photos of the tree when it was full of blossoms. Documenting the change that the tree goes through, from bare branches, through it full of blossoms until it is full of leaves would be an interesting activity.

All of the options above reflect growth and transformation.

By documenting all four I’m fulfilling one of the pieces of feedback I received for assignment 2, to shoot a range of options for each project and exercise.

One of the things that this exercise has highlighted for me, is the need to be aware of what is going on in the area you live and any changes that may be happening, because you never know when taking you camera out and photographing what is happening might be useful.

Final Images

The photos I decided upon for the final set of images were taken across the road from the church. The focus of the images is one of the trees whose branches were bare at the time I started the exercise. Over time buds appeared on the branches which were then followed by blossoms.

Exercise 3.4 - St James Church-6108Exercise 3.4 - St James Church-6842Exercise 3.4 - St James Church-7157

I’ve also included some close ups of the tree showing the changes is has undergone.



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