In Isolation

This second post supporting exercises 5.2 and 5.3 contains further photos from while we were in isolation while Rhys was having his transplant.

3 thoughts on “In Isolation”

    1. It was such an intense time. We weren’t sure that he’d come through the transplant. At one point he start having Graft versus Host disease but that cleared up. While we were in there one lady passed away, a little baby was taken back to Ireland so they could die at home and a young boy that Rhys had become friendly with also passed away because of complications.
      Its been a while since I looked at any of these photos but they all bring back memories and stories.
      The photos of Rhys wearing the Toonattic t-shirt and with the other goodies came about as a result of an email to a Saturday morning show that we used to watch.
      One Saturday morning I emailed the show to see if the presenters could give Rhys a shout out on air. The email didn’t get to them in time but the following Monday there was a phone call for Rhys and it was Jamie, one of the presenters. Anna, the other presenter, had just left the office but Rhys got to speak to Jamie and they organised to send him a load of stuff.
      Rhys used to help the nurses to make his bed each day. They had to wash the bed down and then put clean bedding on there. He helped out with all that. Occasionally we even did that job for them.
      And then there are the photos of him having his feet massaged. He loved that!

      The same goes for the photo from the 101 Days project. Looking back at those you can see how bad he got at times, his moods changed because he was cooped up and couldn’t leave the room. Some days he didn’t want photos taken so we ended up taking them of objects or he would hide away under blankets to avoid a photo, or just scowl at me and the camera.

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