The Final Journey

Shortly after Rhys passed away in 2017 I begun a project with the intention to tell the story of his last months, through pictures and words. The words being written as if Rhys was telling his own story.

Although most of the photos I wanted to use existed there were a couple that I didn’t have.

One photo I wanted was of a CT scanner or a MRI, it was to accompany the part of the story where we found out about the tumours in Rhys brain. The ones that would signal the end of active treatment and the beginning of palliative.

I was never able to get that photo and so one day I decided to use a photo I’ve used here, the one of the white toy bear staring out a window.

The other photo I wanted to get was of one of one of the a local ambulances. I finally managed to do that yesterday. With some minor editing I included that in the document I’d put together in Publisher.

The end result of the project can be found in the PDF below. Apologies for the size it’s about 30Mb.

the final journey

5 thoughts on “The Final Journey”

  1. Jenna, as a parent and a grandparent I found this post emotionally so difficult to read. What a wonderful young man Rhys was, the part about his funeral was particularly moving, I had to go back to it several times to be able to complete the reading of it. The photographs were also extremely touching and made it so real. I don’t know how you coped with it as a parent but I am sure you have some wonderful memories of Rhys.

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    1. Jonathan,
      I wanted to do something to celebrate those last few months. I’m glad I did. I know that what I wrote wouldn’t be far from what Rhys himself would have put, although may not in so many words 🙂
      I’ve ordered a copy of it from Blurb and it should be here next week, fingers crossed. Once I’ve seen what it looks like and possibly made a minor tweak to the layout of one of the pages I’m going to order copies for family and friends. I know that they’ll appreciate it, particularly those who weren’t able to see him during those last months, or who aren’t on social media so weren’t able to follow what we were up to via posts on Facebook.

      A lot of the people who knew Rhys and have read it found it emotional. I found it quite emotional writing it but it was therapeutic.

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      1. Jenna, what a magnificent tribute to Rhys and to you as well. A very moving account. I agree with Jonathon that it is hard to read at times but I am sure it could help others who are travelling along a similar last journey.


      2. Sarah,
        Thank you. We’ve had a couple of times where we’ve gone through something and I’ve wanted to find a way to share the experience with others because it might help. We blogged during the period he was having his bone marrow transplant because we had no idea what to expect. One of these days I might be able to do something with that and turn it into a book, bring the entire thing up to date.

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