Repetition of one image or very similar images, whether exactly the same or with slight
differences in exposure, crop or image quality, elicits an inquisitive eye. Repetition
emphasises the sameness and yet paradoxically indicates a difference. Andy Warhol used this strategy in his screenprints and photographs. In the image below, do you notice how the dog’s ‘stare’ becomes more insistent through repetition?
1. Make a still life set-up of your choice, but you can use any subject.
2. Try to emphasise your subject with the use of light.
3. Aim to make around 20 photographs.
4. Choose the best shot and process it to your liking.
5. Now create a presentation of that one photograph that involves six to eight copies.
Make some notes on the overall effect.

Final Image

Exercise 4.9 Repetition - Windmill

I recently put a toy windmill in our garden. On the weekend there was just enough wind to start it spinning so I set the camera to a long-ish shutter speed and took a photo of it. The colours have been enhanced slightly but I loved the effect.

Other Images

I also took a few other photos and used them for this exercise.

Exercise 4.9 Repetition - Spots
Exercise 4.9 Repetition - Deer
Oh Deer
Exercise 4.9 Repetition - Jess
Exercise 4.9 Repetition - Charlotte

Contact Sheets

Exercise 4.9 Repetition - Contact Sheets

8 thoughts on “Repetition”

    1. Thank you. The whole thing came happened quite quickly. I’d decided I wanted to do the spots one using the deer and then it just went from there. wider shot of the deer, my nieces and then the windmills.
      It’s interesting how inspiration can suddenly strike when you’re not expecting it.

      Liked by 1 person

    1. I love the windmills. We seem to be starting to collect them in our garden, we now have one in the shape of a tractor (we thought it was a car). Not quite as bright as the one shown here but still adds something interesting to the garden.


    1. I noticed it spinning and suddenly thought about slowing the shutter down to try and get the blurred motion instead of something more frozen. I think something has stuck from the course 🙂
      It took a couple of attempts to get something I was happy with as I was holding the camera and didn’t have it on a tripod.


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