Experimenting with Street Photography

Taking photos when I’m out and about that include people and things isn’t something I find the most comfortable doing. I’ve had to take photos at events as part of the Foundation in Photography course and that was fine because it was for exercises.Wandering around with the intention of taking photos of people and things in the street is not something I normally do.

During two recent trips I decided I’d try and overcome that.


Recently I had to go to London for work. The office I had to go to was a fifteen minute walk from Waterloo station so I headed up to the Thames and walked along the river. While I was walking I was looking out for photo opportunities.

Banks of the Thames-7824

Banks of the Thames-7825

I spotted the trailer and decided to stop and take a couple of photographs. I think the first with both bikes is slightly better composition wise.

Banks of the Thames-7829Banks of the Thames-7830

A bit further on from the spotty trailer I saw these two people sitting on benches and thought it made for a nicely balanced photo. In the first one I took the shot a little bit early, a fraction later and the cyclist would have been nicely in the middle of the shot.

For the second image I was able to take a bit longer over composing the image as neither of the people sitting had noticed me, and if they had they likely would have taken me for a tourist phtoographing the London skyline.


During our trip to Norfolk we visited Cromer and went out onto the pier. As we were walking along I had my camera down by my side and decided to try out a technique I’d read about where you shoot from the waist or hip, and where you happen to be facing in a different direction to the one the camera is pointing. In this case I was a bit far from the chap on the left and so have cropped the photo to get a cloer view. The reason I clicked the shutter when I did was because he had walked ahead of the group he was with and began to dance around.

Cromer Street Dance-8224

On both occasions it was interesting. Although I’m more aware of my surroundings and the opportunities for photographs, I’d normally miss chances like these because my camera wouldn’t be out and ready to take a shot. It was nice to be out and about with the intention of taking shots if the chance came up and so having my camera at the ready.


4 thoughts on “Experimenting with Street Photography”

  1. How did you find trying this out from an emotional perspective? I ask because I find I feel so anxious when I try street photography.

    I may well try your shooting from the hip technique. The dancing man is great. I prefer the composition of the second photo of the spotty van. There’s more of a connection to the people.


    1. In London it didn’t feel to bad doing it. I think you get so many tourists that people are used to seeing someone with a camera so they don’t think twice about it. It was also just after 9 so people were still making their way to work so were probably concentrating on where they had to be rather than what was going on around them.
      I did take a couple of shots where I wished I had a longer lens in order to capture what I was looking at.

      When I did the dancing guy I did notice someone watching me walking along with the camera pointing to the side and it crossed my mind whether they thought I was taking photos. They weren’t in the shot but even so it did give me pause to think and I put the camera away shortly after that.

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  2. I think a lot of photographers find street photography difficult. I enjoy looking at it but sometimes I think it feels a little voyeuristic, I think it really works well when you can get in close but I guess that takes a lot of courage. I like the dancing man by the way!


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