We spent the start of July in Norfolk, only for the weekend but it gave enough time to visit different parts of the area we were staying.

On the Sunday we visited Blakeney Point on a boat trip to see the seals that can be found there.

In total I took about 100 photos, a lot of which didn’t quite come out. I’d had my camera in aperture mode but with hindsight should have switched to shutter priority and dialed the speed to something that would allow for the rocking of the boat.

Finding yourself in the right position to capture a shot wasn’t a simple matter. Although I’d sat right in the stern of the boat, the skipper was turning the boat around in circles at times in order to give the passengers on both sides of the vessel the chance to see the seals.

Having done a first pass through the images and filtering out those that weren’t in focus, I made a second pass downselecting to a set that were in focus and which I thought were interesting, after all there’s only so many ways you can photographs a row of seals from the same angle.

Post-processing has involved cropping images, adjusting saturation and vibrance and making adjustments using the tone curve. The results can be seen below. I’m trying out the Link to “None” option when inserting images .




7 thoughts on “Seals”

    1. A bit late to go back through previous posts but that’s good to know for the future.
      I could have happily sat on a boat watching them all day.
      Come to think of it I could have happily just sat on a boat all day.

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  1. Lovely pictures Jenna, aren’t they beautiful creatures? I have only seen them close up at a seal sanctuary in Cornwall. I must give this trip a try some time as we are only a couple of hours or so drive away from Norfolk.

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