Hoots ‘N’ Hooters

Hoots ‘N’ Hooters June 23rd 2018

The 37 Club, Puriton, Somerset


Performances from:
Belle blonde
Miss Pronounced
Betty Boom Boom
Bambi Bang Bang
Lady May
Transcendent Ties Shibari
Lady Lolly Rouge
Issy Max
Valentino De Labaise
Ophelia Wilde
and compered by the amazing Dis Charge

Produced by Whipp It Out Promotions


June 23rd and it was time for another Hoots ‘N’ Hooters. As usual the performances were amazing, Dis Charge was on form and we even got to play a game of Dis Charge bingo.

I took a series of photographs, initially with my 50mm prime lens but then with a 70-200mm lens. The latter being capable of f/2.8 which was ideal for the 37 Club. All shots were taken at 1600 ISO with the camera set to Aperture priority mode.

The first lot of photographs I took with the 70-200mm lens were focused manually. During the interval I Google how to get the lens to work in autofocus mode, the remainder of the photographs were taken this way.

A number of images were discarded because they weren’t in focus, because the colours didn’t look right or because I didn’t like the composition.

The above are the edited end result following adjustment to the exposure, highlights, shadows, black and white levels in Lightroom. Cropping and spot removal were performed on a number of images.

15 thoughts on “Hoots ‘N’ Hooters”

    1. I was lucky that I was sitting in the front row by the sound desk so had a nice uninterrupted view of the performers. The photos of Issy Max I’m particularly happy with. The last ones I got of her were a bit too noisy by the time I’d adjusted ISO and all the other settings to get a shot that was reasonably well exposed. This time I didn’t have that problem.
      The other shot I like is of Lady May, when she’s wearing the body stocking with the leaf effect and is standing with her arm reaching out towards the camera. Again, I was in the perfect position for the shot.

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      1. I usually share them to my Facebook page. Trixie is a friend on there and can share them and tag people so they can see them. That usually gets them to people. That and if I tag the event it gets them out there. Might tag a few people at some point.

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      2. That’s good. If I shoot at an event I put them on twitter and @ or # the corporates, organisations, sponsors. It’s part of me building a brand and getting my name out there. It’s also why I develop my blog beyond our study remit.

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      3. I need to think about that for the future. Set up a site that has a proper non OCA part and an OCA section. Spoke with my tutor last night and I might go on to do the photography degree after this.

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      4. I’ve just bought WordPress for dummies. It talks through setting up a self hosted WordPress site. It has all of the features privileges of the paid WordPress sites (no programming involved) it’s free because of the self hosting. No limits on uploads. It means buying a domain name and paying for webhosting, and admin, but she talks through it all step by step.


      5. The flip side is that you do have to pay for webhosting, so there is a saving, but not the full amount. You can learn a little code to alter your site, and great support in WordPress forums for that, you can’t add code in the paid wp sites. I’m reading through the whole book first and then I’ll read about all of the paid options and make a decision after that.

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      6. I did have a site I was paying for a while back but I didn’t need it any more so let it lapse. It was something like £80 a year which I thought was reasonable enough.

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    1. It’s always an amazing night.
      Best thing is that nobody worries if people are taking photos. This time there was the official photographer and 3 others, including me taking photos. I’ve had one performer use a photo I took on their Facebook page once.

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