A Significant Place

The brief for this exercise was:

Think of a place that holds meaning for you. Note down the reasons why it matters. (For reasons of practicality, choose somewhere accessible.)
Think about how you could photograph that place in a way and in a light that reflects its meaning to you. Is there a particular viewpoint in your mind’s eye? A particular time of day? Make a photograph exactly as you have pre-visualised it and try to convey its special meaning to you in the photograph.
Does the photo reflect your memory at all? Do the colours seem right? If not, change them – and anything else that would help the photo resonate more powerfully.

A Significant Place

There are a number of places that have a significance to me. My parents’ home, where I grew up, the church we go to, the crematorium where my son’s ashes rest. Trying to decide on one place led me to consider Blenheim Palace, although it didn’t hurt that I was going to be racing a triathlon there. Unfortunately I didn’t have enough time to take as many photos as I would have liked but I did manage to capture some.

Final Images

Registration 2


Blenhim Palace 3

Blenhim Palace 2

The last two photos above don’t do the scale of the event justice. There were about 3000 triathletes of all abilities racing on the Saturday, with a similar number racing on the Sunday.

Just to show that I do occasionally get the other side of the camera here are some my partner took, before and after my race.

Blenheim Pre race (by Tracey)

Before, waiting for my swim wave to be called for the race briefing.

Blenheim post race (by Tracey)

Post race re-hydration. Honestly that is an isotonic drink (Erdinger 0.5% by volume)

3 thoughts on “A Significant Place”

    1. One of these days I’m going to have to visit properly and wander around the grounds, there’s quite a bit to see. The estate is huge, must be at least 3 miles across.


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