Michael Wolf

Michael Wolf is a German born photograper and artist who lives and works in Paris and Hong Kong. Born in Muich in 1954, the focus of his work has been mega cities. His work has been exhibited around the world including the venice bienniale.

My Favourite Things

As part of the research for exercise 3.2 Series we were asked to look at Michael Wolf’s My Favourite Things.

In his project My Favourite Things Michael Wolf has captured a number of photographic series that each revolve around a single item. For instance mops, chairs, people, cats, plants, rubber gloves and many more.

Wolf’s work shows that if you just open your eyes to the world around you it is possible to find things to photograph. When you begin to look around, you soon begin to notice things. It’s like when you buy a car, you soon begin to spot other cars like it on the road as you drive about.

The series of images that Wolf groups together also highlights that when you do look at the world around you, it becomes obvious that people put things in the most unusual of places.

Exercise 3.2 Series can be found here.


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