First proper day in Paphos, Cyprus.

Walked to and from the archaeological park. Between that and wandering around the place I’ve managed 15476 steps according to my Garmin.

Wandered in along the sea shore. Cyprus is beautiful. And warm, particularly having come from the UK and the weather we’ve had recently. Temperature was 18 degrees this morning and climbed into the 20s.

Managed to take 430 photos which I’ll need to cut down hugely when I get home.

I’ve already noticed 3 themes in the images I’ve captured. Cats, wildlife and man’s impact on his environment.

The camera will probably be left behind during the rest of the week, don’t think there will be a lot of chances to take more photos.

Not sure what the rest of my schedule is going to be like but I know I have an early morning run and a swim session tomorrow.

Did get chatting to a retired photographer who suggested I look up an American photographers and lecturer Eileen Rafferty. Her talks are apparently very interesting and informative.

6 thoughts on “15476”

    1. It’s been a fun week. Just so tiring though. Its just gone 9pm and I’m heading to bed. I think that’s par for the course for most of us. In bed before 10 so we’re up for 7am to grab a coffee before the first training session. It’s good training for those early morning photoshoots though.


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