Pixel Painting

In this exercise, the goal was to produce a portrait in which pixels have been moved, altered or otherwise manipulated.

How this was achieved was down to us but experimentation, many tries and looking at online tutorials would be needed.

As part of the research for the exercise we were asked to look at the work of fashion photographer Nick Knight. See Knight’s profile under the People section of my log for that research.

Looking at the example image in the course notes, the adjustments are simple and somewhat subtle.

My own first attempt at Pixel Painting wasn’t very good. The changes I made, although trying to follow where the hair had been highlighted was a bit too garish for my liking.

Exercise 2.7-4881 - Hair Highlights

My second attempt was a bit better. I took the existing red colour of the mouth and made it a bit redder. Subtle but it stands out.

Exercise 2.8 Fill-flash-4991

However, after looking at Nick Knight’s work I realise that it’s possible to go brighter but also to paint things into an image that weren’t originally there and that is something I plan to look at in the future.



4 thoughts on “Pixel Painting”

    1. It was.
      I was thinking about some of the effects that I’d seen when research Nick Knight and his work. Trying to figure out how to achieve some of the effects he has done. I think it means using layers and adjusting the opacity of some of the layers so you can see the ones below.
      Lots to think about and try.

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