St Jame Church – Taking the photographs

After months of trying to get around to take photos of St James Church, I finally managed to make time today to pop into the church while it was empty and photograph a much of the church as possible, using the list of items that David, the vicar, had come up with.

I didn’t manage to photograph the organ loft or inside the bell tower because I couldn’t get into them. However, I did cover everywhere else in the church that I could reach.

In the end it took about 2 hours to take all of the photographs and I made use of various pieces of equipment. My tripod, flash unit, 40mm macro lens and 300mm telephoto lens. In total I took over 400 photos. In addition to this I have a set of photographs I took several years ago when we had heavy snow so I’m including those as part of the project.

After performing a first pass through the photographs I’ve reduced the total number (including the snow pics) to 398. Using the 100/50/25/10 process I’ve done a first pass through and reduced the total number to 188. This includes at least one of each item that I needed to photograph, which will make reducing the overall set of images very difficult. For instance there are about 20 individual boses on the ceiling, so there are 20 photos to start with. Each of the figures on the wall needed to be photographed and there are at least a dozen of these. In total I think the final set will be somewhere in the region of 150 images, which I’ll need to edit in order to present to David in order to decide on the ones that he wants to use for the church guide and children’s guide.

Thinking about the task after I’d finished taking the photographs I feel like this has been more about documenting the church than anything else. Even if only a tiny number of the photos are used the sum total provides a historical record of the church as it was today.

As soon as I’ve gone through the photos, got it down to one of each particular item, and then edited those then I’ll share a selection of the ones I like best.

I plan to make use of as many of the techniques that I’ve learned so far during the course when editing the images.


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