An Identi-kit Portrait

For exercise 2.5 we were asked to take portraits of two but ideally four people. The images were then to be folded (or cut) in such a way that you had a forehead, eyes, nose and mouth seperately.

The idea was to then take an element of each and combine them to make an ‘identi-kit’ face.

I made use of my two neices who are twins, but not of the identical kind. Both of the girls were photographed twice to give me four photographs.

The initial portraits were cropped in Photoshop and then, after playing around with a tube format and finding that it didn’t quite work because to get the different features on different sides of the tube meant some sides were smaller than others and so when combined left gaps, I cut the photos into strips with each strip containing the relevant facial feature.

Above is the original four photos that I used (Lottie top Jess bottom).

\Below are the cut up and reassembled photos.

Identi-kit Portrait-4032Identi-kit Portrait-4033Identi-kit Portrait-4034Identi-kit Portrait-4035Identi-kit Portrait-4036Identi-kit Portrait-4037Identi-kit Portrait-4039Identi-kit Portrait-4040

The thing I found really interesting about this activity was that despite the fact that the twins are not identical when it came to  combining the photos, as long as used Jess’ eyes and chin the result even with Lottie’s nose and forehead, looked like Jess. When I used Lottie’s eyes and mouth an swapped the forehead and nose for Jess’s there was a lot more variation in the result.

Despite not being identical it would seem that both Charlotte and Jess have very similar foreheads and noses.


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