Martin Parr

As soon as I went onto Martin Parr’s website (, the first image I was presented with was of a group of people waiting in a queue outside what appeared to be a marquee. The Royal insignia on the marquee suggests to me that this may be a Royal Garden Party or similar event.

The looks on people’s faces as they wait patiently in the rain is what particularly draws me to the image. The slight smile on the face of the chap looking towards where the photographer is taking the photo, the slightly distracted look on the face of the woman in the centre of the image; these are things I want to capture in my images.

Looking through some of Parr’s other work, including his Oxford and Cuba Tourism projects, I found myself loving the way that he manages to capture people without them seeming to be aware of his presence and so behaving in a completely natural way. The image from his Cuba Tourism series of a group of people taking part in a water aerobics style activity while standing in the sea is made all the more memorable by the guy in the forefront of the shot who appears to be taking water measurements or taking a photo of something in the water while unaware that his shorts have slipped and his “bum crack” is on show for anyone to see. It’s these subtle things that make an image for me and Parr is definitely someone whose work I want to explore more.

The fact that the Martin Parr Foundation is based in Bristol, which is just over an hour drive from where I live is a bonus. More information about the Foundation and its location in Bristol can be found in an article in the British Journal of Photography [Reference 1].

The Foundation will be a useful place to research photographer as well as to visit for exhibitions.



  1. Padley, G. Martin Parr’s Foundation opens to the public Available at (Published: 18th September 2017; Accessed: 8th October 2017)


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