Exercise 2.1

The object of this exercise was to take a photos of plants and people with any background features eradicated.

The Plants

Exercise 2.1_Plants-3692Exercise 2.1_Plants-3694Exercise 2.1_Plants-3696Exercise 2.1_Plants-3701Exercise 2.1_Plants-3707Exercise 2.1_Plants-3708Exercise 2.1_Plants-3713

All of the above photos were edited to adjust the highlights and white. Saturation was also increased.

The white background was a bit more reflective than I expected and combined with the position of the last two plant containers the background was not plain white. The first three photos have a much better background as the plant container was in a much better position and in full sunlight.

The People

Exercise 2.1-3642Exercise 2.1-3644Exercise 2.1-3645Exercise 2.1-3646Exercise 2.1-3647

After helping to smash over a dozen eggs for a previous exercise I roped my young nieces into posing in front of a plain white background. They had a lot of fun.

The photos had their exposure levels increased to make them brighter and were cropped to remove area outside of the white background.


You’ve photographed two different subjects in different places, yet all signs of the place have been removed.

What do you think that does to the interpretation of the photograph?

  • Removing signs of where the photos were taken makes the subject the focus. Without any distractions interpretation of the image is down to the person viewing them.

Do you notice how it emphasises both the shape and the subject as a distinct object?

  • In the photos of the flowers removal of the background allows the shapes of the flowers to be more noticeable and also any particular flowers to stand out and for details to be more obvious.











4 thoughts on “Exercise 2.1”

    1. The reflections were the hardest part. Where it was full sun any reflections were wiped out. As soon as it was more shaded the reflections started to come out. I’m going to have another go at those shots when the sun is further around so that the containers are also in full sun or try and use more of a matt surface that doesn’t reflect sunlight as much. Although the existing background might also work if I reduce the depth of field so that its sufficiently blurred to remove details.

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