Square Mile (New Vision)

It’s funny how events make you re-evaluate your thoughts and intentions.

My initial plan for this assignment had been to take photographs in the area around where I live. Recently though the term title of the assignment has come to have a far different meaning in my life. I’ve tried to pull together a series of images that sum up the way life is at the moment and evoke more of the sense that for us right now square mile is not so much something that is bound in the physical world but also in time and in the limits on what we are able to do.

Below is the current sequence of images that I am planning to use, there are a couple more that I want to use as well as contact sheets for everything that I’ve decided not to use.

Some of the photos were taken a few months ago but are things I feel help summarising the journey.

Thoughts and comments are welcome.


1 - Rhys leaning against car - 1500px
1 – Leaning against car



2 - Bristol Birthday Trip - 1500px
2 – Bristol birthday trip
3 - Easter in Wales - exposure +1.0 shadows -100 highlights +41 - 1500px
3 – Easter in Wales


4 - Silverstone - AMG Mercedes - Rosberg Car - 1500px
4 – AMG Petronas team HQ: Nico Rosberg’s 2016 championship winning car


5 - Silverstone - AMG Mercedes - Trophies - cropped - 1500px
5 – AMG Petronas HQ – Trophies and rare goodies


6 - Stormtroopers, Scout and mini Stormtrooper gift - 1500px
6 – Stormtroopers, Scout and mini-me Stormtrooper


7 - Stormtrooper and Scout - 1500px
7 – Stormtrooper and Scout inspecting mini-me


8 - St Margaret's Pagoda - 1500px
8 – Hospice pagoda


9 - St Margaret's Bench - 1500px
9 – Hospice garden bench


11 - Rhys' Chair - 1500px
10 – Empty Chair


12 - Rhys Bokeh - 1500px
11 – Cheeky grin, full of life


Below are the current contact sheets to go with the assignment.





















5 thoughts on “Square Mile (New Vision)”

  1. Hi Jenny.

    I think you have put together a strong series and can see why you have chosen the photos that you have. Have you considered including 3326? What I see in 3326 is a space where people go to contemplate, somewhere to be in touch with their thoughts and feelings. The composition and space are excellent.


    1. Hiya.
      I’ve taken another look at 3326 and it does seem to be a better photo of the round house than the one I was going to use. I’m not sure whether I’ll swap out the bench or the picture of the round house I was using. I think I’m going to have a really hard time with whittling things down to just 12 images.

      Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Jenna.

    In your text you you give a brief idea of what’s happening in your life and your photos allowed me to fill in the gaps. I feel your images have capture something really emotive and powerful and even life affirming. A wonderful of piece of work.



    1. Dave,
      Thank you your comment. I need to try and keep that life affirming feel to the work as that is definitely how the place feels.


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